Moreno leading the way for La Sierra

Rabecca Moreno required a bit of swaying to offer water polo another chance. Rabecca tried this sport at a very early age. Still, she wanted to devote her energy and time in improving her swimming time as a fresher. One of the coaches of the Moreno’s high school convinced her to attend the team practice of the club team during off season and her new passion for water polo born very quickly.

One of Moreno’s high school coaches convinced her to attend a club team practice during the offseason, and a new passion quickly was born. Rabecca Moreno told that she was very hesitant to play at first since she did not have too much confidence in herself. She did not think that she could be that good of a player. But when she started playing, she totally loved that. She decided that she was going to work hard to be the best player she could be.

Rabecca has been a 3 year standout for the girls water polo team of Riverside La Sierra. She was selected as a captain for her season year. At present, she leads the Eagles with ninety one goals. Rabecca is the top driver of the team and she is also among the leaders in steals and drawn ejections.

Jennifer Cieslik, the Eagles coach, stated that Moreno is a player who is never satisfied with where she is. Constantly, she attempts to search ways to improve her game. She puts in much time in the swimming pool and the weight room, and it is great seeing all of that paying off for her.


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